Oskar Friese

In his youth, Friese discovered his passion for photography when he captured the streets and people of his hometown with his grandfather’s camera. These initial attempts aroused a profound fascination for the art of photography within him. In his adopted home of Berlin, a city renowned for its cultural diversity and urban vibrancy, he continues his photographic journey, immersing himself in the sensory experience of urban life. His work draws inspiration from the dynamic atmosphere of the city and the myriad facets of urban existence.

1960    Born in Hamburg

1980    Studies of fine arts in Hamburg

1982    Scholarship, semester in Rome, Italy

1983    Studies of fine arts in Munich

1988    Graduate degree, Munich

1991    Post-graduate degree, Hamburg


Oskar Friese was born in Hamburg in 1960. He pursued his studies in both Hamburg and Munich, with periods of academic exploration in Italy and Southern Spain. Currently, he resides and carries out his artistic endeavors in Berlin.